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GOPRO Clearance

GOPRO Clearance 

All GOPRO older model Hero 3, 3+ and 4 Black and silver accessories at cost and below. Including  Battery Bacpac at only $65

Lures, lures, lures

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We have all the best lures at unbelievable prices!

Jackson Hard-Bodied Lure

20% off all Jackson lures!

Jackson have made their mark on the Bream and Bass market recently with the release of their new cicada imitation surface lures. The Namazemi are a hybrid style lure; their bodies are hard to ensure the lure continues to float, fish after fish, however their wings and legs are made of a highly durable soft plastic to create extra movement and thus a more accurate imitation. These lures are unique in the way they are retrieved due to a rear tow point, which allows the wings to open up to again better mimic the look of a struggling cicada

Rigged Lures

20% off all rigged skirted lures

It’s Game Fishing Season and we’ve had plenty of action on our stretch of the ocean!

There are many types of skirted lures available for catching a broad array of gamefish. All of these lures have a desired action in the water, but this action can be stifled by poor rigging. You need to rig the lure in a fashion that will give the best chance of achieving a hookup when the strike comes.  So come into Tackle World Merimbula for professionally constructed rigged skirted lures.

GOPRO Clearance

GOPRO Clearance 

All GOPRO older model Hero 3, 3+ and 4 Black and silver accessories at cost and below. Including  Battery Bacpac at only $65

Crazy Flappers


The uniquely shaped wings pulsate with even the slowest movement and the two apendages off the rear of the bait give even more movement to an already lifelike bait.
Available in three sizes (2.8″, 3.6″ & 4.4″), the Crazy Flapper is a perfect imitation of a crawfish, yabby or prawn and can be trimmed at the head to produce the perfect crab/prawn hybrid plastic, which is tremendously effective for Bream.

Strada Howler Range

SPECIAL from $14.99 

The Strada Howler range in 3 size series, of skipping poppers, or popping stick baits, it all depends on your usage and species. This versatile range is made to be tough, with great castability, and amazing colours that use the internal holographic plates to great effect. Rigged with the Shinto Trebles. Sizes are 120mm ..150mm & 170mm sizes Priced from $14.99

T-Force, T-Caster lures

T-Force 28g 75mm Jig RRP 12.99 This weeks special $9.00 or 3 for $25.00 

T-Caster 40gm 75mm Jig RRP $14.99 This weeks special $11.00 or 3 for $30.00 

Sailfin 45gm 100mm Jig RRP $14.99 This week special $11.00 or 3 for $30.00 

Cast one of these deadly fish attractors and swim it back for an intermittent jigging motion Big Fish love. Or drop it where the fish are and continually jig it for the best catch.

Enticer Jig Range

Enticer Juicer 80-100gm $9.99
Enticer Seeker 130gm $10.99
Enticer Ringer 160gm $10.99

The Entice jig range have been designed perfectly for an effective slow pitch action. Its wide, steam lined, tapered body gives it a realistic live flutter which is proven to catch wide range of fish. Suited to work the bottom and middle water column, these are a perfect jig to catch Dhufish, Kingfish, Samson fish, cod, Coral Trout, Snapper and many more

Sinker Lock


The locks are marine-grade plastic clips which secure the sinker or lure onto the rod and keep them from bouncing around a moving boat. • Super tough material. • Virtually indestructible. • Heavy duty stainless spring and pin. • Fitted caps and guards to protect your line. • Holds 99% of sinkers, lures, jigs, and tackle. • Fits 99% of rods. • Boat rods, soft bait rods, surf casters, spin rods, and most others.